Chapter 8 – Vertuold Augury stone results

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More and more of them went by till the sixth chosen had a winged three-eyed tiger which drew the most amount of attention till it was shadowed by an amazing 6 stars of a true genius! a few of the elders conversed nodding their heads in excitement and clear approval. Kimarya heard kids around her talking saying “Alastair, he actually has such amazing latent talent in combination with that dreadful three-eyed winged tiger. He will surely be a pillar of the village and clan!”

Kimarya decided to go after him so she wouldn’t bring up that much attention, she walked forward and noticed that everyone had a strange reaction to her, but she just ignored it and walked forward till she was in front of the stone with the elders nearby. She looked up at the elder named Shamaner who looked back with a light smile and nodded for her to put her hand on the stone.


I was a tree, just a normal tree till nearly burned to death till I heard the thrumming of a heavenly Dao.  It was a sermon of the stars, talking of a magnificent and extraordinary Dao.

It was a little round stone that fell from the sky, that landed in my trunk, I only felt burning pain, and I would have been burned to ashes and embers were it not for the fierce and horrifying storm that kept that fire from growing uncontrollably, but it still burned me down to a mere stump, but as a tree kin my tenacity is strong, even from a not very thick branch I could still have hope for rebirth.

That object was still inside of my trunk. After escaping that calamity of death and almost passing on I heard this whispering, it was the whispering of the stars, it told of a sermon, an indescribable humming that made me grow strongly, it also vibrated so strongly that it was even breaking the wood crawling up around it thoroughly making it harder to cover it, but the sermon made my life force burst out of all limitations I had as a simple mango tree.


Being a tree there is always a short level of awareness of our environment, time flows differently for those of the tree kin, the only thing that mattered before was the connection to the others, the connection always let us know of the dangers any of us face, whether a stronger strain of termites pop up, or sky fire strikes one of us with more rings in their trunk.

It all just started with my asking of questions rather than always hearing and or telling short info of my health, I asked “Who am I?” The sermons and the stone were firmly gripped in my mind as well as body. As the years passed and I grew more and more, it made it so my roots had a barely discernible vibration and making it so driving deeper into the earth was much easier, rather than always going around stones I wanted them out of my way and so I pushed them out of my way. My bark grew strong and very dense, my thoughts came faster.

I stopped asking who I was, started listening, I stopped talking about me and just saw with all of my senses, and unlike before I remembered everything even after a long while. I suddenly always surprised myself when I had new knowledge of things. This made it better for listening to other things because I could comprehend, I listened to the winds and said “Hello! I listened to the rain and asked “How are you?” I noticed the creatures living on and around my bark enjoying my fruits and told them, “I’m here!”.

I followed the water landing on my leaves and down my branches and trunk as it made its way flowing down into the ground following my roots before leaving me and melting deep into the earth that holds me, I told it “Thank you.”


I became more aware as this Dao told me of all things in the world, of humans, both mortal ones, and cultivators. It said I could become one, but at that moment I didn’t yet have an answer till I saw my first human, they noticed my fruits on the floor but climbed up and plucked several before going back down and leaving.


With time, I was just happy and content, always watching the humans who passed by increasingly often around me, as well as always listening to the teachings of the Dao, soon new kinds of humans came, the teachings told me they were cultivators, they were capable of climbing or even jumping up to my highest branches with such ease to pick some of my fruits. I came to learn that these were the famed cultivators that I learned about who delved into the profundities of the natural and unnatural world.


This went on for a while till one day one of the cultivators decided to sit down and cultivate under my leaves and was alarmed as they realized comprehension of natural laws was drastically much easier and they stayed there meditating for days till weird manifestations occurred around them. She had long hair and small frame and wore these robes, her hair and robes fluttered yet there was no wind flowing. After the manifestations stopped, they rose and left. After some time, they came back with two more cultivators and surprisingly didn’t go for my fruits but just sat under my leaves and just meditated, the two new arrivals almost immediately after closing their eyes found it incredibly easy to go into a profound state where all of their previous shortcomings and questions were easier to solve.

They stayed there for days and left, but every once in a while they would came back to cultivate under my leaves and I soon grew accustomed to this. Other times they searched around the area talking of treasure but after a while found nothing but realized the area of effect was around me and continued with their new routine of meditating under my leaves.

One day the first cultivator came back, she was with this older person with a powerful and intimidating aura, as if a sword in a scabbard who could explode with incredible strength. She addressed that person as Elder, apparently, they were here to investigate. The person even dove into the ground in their examinations! But eventually, they ended up where I was and murmured “This tree is very slightly vibrating, maybe it got connected to a very minor energy vein in the earth or just maybe encountered some sort of fate where it may even come to life!

Soon after they left, this elder brought disciples to the tree every occasionally, to preach teachings of the Dao. Sometimes they even brought odd plants to cultivate around my trunk and even treasured soils to help me which made me very happy and also made me grow very strongly.

I always listened and paid attention to everything, even to the times a lone disciple decided to come at night to practice as they moved around chanting scriptures of different teachings.

One day during a very crowded preaching of the Dao, I finally couldn’t help it, I had so many questions as to where they went, other natural Dao’s, and even the very rare mentions of mystical creatures that the Dao spoke of. I wanted to experience it all and knew it wouldn’t happen if I stayed like this, no matter how content I was. I wanted and needed more.

So I said yes, I wanted to be a hum!

At that moment hymns sang out from thin air, random lights flashed about, even the shy spirits came to bear witness to what was happening. My whole self was shrinking into itself, my roots quickly returned too me from rich mineral grounds deep bellow, my leaves let go and fluttered in the air, my branches shrunk into me till I was a wooden humanoid figure.

Soon my skin formed, my organs appeared, and blood was born in my veins, the most wonderful moment was when my heart, yes, my heart first started beating! I was alive, I was a human and I could become a cultivator!

I slowly raised my head and realized I had curly green hair on my head and smiled, not just with my being, but with my face, that also had lovely facial muscles beneath it. I first tried to speak, but felt an ache and realized my lungs had no air. I took a deep breath, breathing in and even smelling the wonderful air and spoke for the first time, awkwardly at first but I said “H-he-heelloo, m-my Naaame iis Shawmaner!”


Kimarya heard murmurings like “She’s still a mortal and hasn’t cultivated.” Others saying, “She’s a special case, she has no soul, incapable of even understanding cultivation. It’s a miracle she even survived and much more so if she actually obtained an Ancestral Spirit.” With a sad shake to their heads. Some even found her misfortune amusing and were ready to enjoy the show.


She ignored them and placed her right hand on the stone that quickly grew warm and started humming until suddenly images started manifesting around her, there was a silhouette of a large humanoid creature with long arms and hair all over.

Everyone was surprised, those that sneered before blanched in shock before regaining their confidence and saying “Sure it’s not something pathetic, guess she wasn’t as dumb and knew she had no potential and chose some bloody Demonic Ape, stupidly cutting off her future wings, they don’t even have a redeeming power. So besides having quick and easy power, it’s the same as closing off your future for quick strength. Bet she won’t even get higher than three stars in aptitude, she may have instincts but doesn’t mean she has any aptitude for cultivation, heh!”

Kimarya ignored this and kept her hand on the stone that grew hotter and soon around her a star formed, then another and they kept appearing till there were a jaw-dropping seven stars glowing around her! The stars even had multiple colors!

At first, there was silence, some of the crowd even started to grow excited till they realized that the elders weren’t smiling and some of the not so smart ones finally understood why, her Ancestral Guardian Spirit was a Demonic Ape, this meant that nearly all chances of future success were nearly zero. Her future growth was severed, as if cultivation didn’t have walls and points of extreme difficulty, added with the calamity of Growth barriers that Demonic Apes had, this could only be the cruelest joke ever.

Some elders sadly shook their heads, how could this happen, such a demonic level of aptitude just for it to be wasted because of an erroneous choice in an Ancestral Spirit Guardian. It could be worked around even if it was a speed based creature, even a flying bug would have been better, even they had higher chances of mutation and atavism than Demonic Apes.

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Chapter 7 – Momma bear

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The Dao is the path in your heart, your set of principles, your hopes, your goals, your emotions and everything that makes up who you are, there are no wrong paths in the advancement of your Dao. This is what makes up the base and foundation of your cultivation, the comprehension of your Dao must grow with your cultivation and comprehension of the natural laws else you risk Qi deviation. A correct balance of these two plus your innate talents determine how fast you can have cultivation breakthroughs.

When finding out someone attainment, better known as cultivation base there are distinct impressions given by one’s aura.

The cultivation levels she was aware of so far are as follows:

Chakra wheel revolutions 
Dao Shrine Birth is known as the Shrine stage
Four elements Nirvanic Rebirth is known as the Nirvana stage
Karmic Compass calibration stage known as Dao seeking
Dao Tribulations
 Also known as an Emperyan knight
Shrine Caster 
Flake God
Falling Star
God Tribulation

 Kimarya thought these stages to be very interesting, especially the part of Immortal and God parts. “So cultivators can live forever?”

**Sunny** No, it seems the main goal in cultivation is attaining longevity and one of the bigger questions of whether the peak brings ultimate power and Immortality as well as why is having a Dao so important. This environment and world can be very dangerous, these cultivators can change the weather, crumble mountains and kill countless people if they wished to.

Kimarya replied excitedly “Can I cultivate? Can I start now, how do I do it?!? “

**Sunny** The generally understood basis for revolves around your comprehension of nature. This is a comprehension of something marvelously intertwined and overlapping at least three things. One is understanding the natural world and its phenomenon, the second being the natural laws within energies and third is your own path. 

These three are essential to being at the peak of any level in your cultivation base, lacking any one of these will result in lower subpar quality in your energy, power, mind and body.

 Kimarya’s eyes were practically shinning with excitement when suddenly her vision blurred and her consciousness slipped away for a second. As her eyesight cleared up she saw that she was floating off the floor and couldn’t move her body, an invisible pressure she couldn’t even think of resisting held her. She couldn’t blink, her body breathed by itself, her eyes blinked by themselves, the power was both completely overwhelming yet gentle in how it allowed her to breathe and blink.

She stood floated there, not even moving a millimeter from that position she floated in beside breathing and blinking.

She heard the voice of a woman “You, what did you do to my precious Draeneoy?” The voice started out in a barely audible whisper till it grew into a low snarl that reverberated through her mind building up into an almost overwhelming vibration that threatened to drive her insane. This was the worst pain she ever felt, it was so awful she was on the brink of insanity, her mind was in a complete and utter panic, in complete desperation that if she weren’t immobilized she may have even ended it all by bitting her own tongue off, it was that awful.

 Kimarya felt so much pain she couldn’t think and just when she felt she would die it all stopped.

“I know you aren’t my little Dre.” Said Grothie. She felt such pain, such nearly overwhelming grief yet fury. She broke the rules on not seeing her child before the final results of the trial that the chosen must overcome, if only she wasn’t the chief of this satellite village she wouldn’t have minded downgrading and becoming a common citizen and not having her child be part of the chosen of this newer generation.

She loved her baby so much, she decided to not give her protection, she hoped this trial would help her wake up, even if it meant her death. Her future would only have been limited if she was protected, even if she wasn’t aware of the protection it would still be a splash in the oceans of karma and ultimately a blemish in her Dao if she truly decides to head down this path.

But, her little one isn’t there anymore. If it wasn’t for the remnant emotions of her little Dre revealing that there was no foul play and that she would hurt the body of her offspring she would have erased this soul that dared occupy her child’s body. With her skills in Augury, she saw that little Dre accepted everything, that little Dre accepted her, that she was even happy. That maybe this person could accomplish her mama’s hopes for her, but she was wrong.

All I ever really wanted for her was her happiness, I admit that like any parent I wanted you to crush all others and gain our family face and prestige. But it was only ever secondary. I’m sorry I called you a dumb little girl, I’m sorry I tried to keep you from looking at the spiderwebs, I knew it made you happy, but I all the same chastised you for it. You never failed me little one, I had my hopes for you, I was even going to forcibly take you and not have you take these trials, I had the power to do it, your father convinced me.

At the last second, you gripped my hand and said: “Mama, I’ll go.” It was one of the few times you ever spoke, my heart shook and beat much stronger than when I was ready to crush tradition. If I knew this would have happened I may have done it. Even your death would have been easier, then you’d be resting within the trees and waters humming that special song you only hummed to the spiderwebs or when I held you, dear child of mine. That would be easier than seeing a stranger in your body, using the child I carried within me for nine long months. I’ve lived thousands of years but those nine months with you felt so much longer.

Grothie felt her tears welling up in her eyes, her breathing almost losing control. I can’t see her body like this, in the eyes of this new person I didn’t see any bad or sense any malice.

She steeled her self and made her choice and said “I know your name, you asked that boy to call you Kimarya instead of the name I gave my child, and you aren’t my child. I won’t kill you, even though I’m feeling such maddening fury. I don’t know what kind of ties I will have with you, but later on, I will.”

Kimarya gently floated down and was dazed for a long time as to what the hell just happened.

Kimarya realized that this voice, this person was Draenoy’s mother, Grothie and that she knew that I wasn’t her daughter. Seems I escaped a calamity for now and resolved the whole dilemma on whether to hide my identity from her parents or how to let them know.

 **Sunny** Kimarya, I have detected some bizarre traces of the phenomena that happened, have not made sense of the results of the scans. Even that hairy creature was shut up and likely couldn’t have done anything to assist.

“Huhuhu, this great sir was asleep and never noticed, else I would have been able to save you if it were to get dangerous,” Half-heartedly responded Sasquatch.

Knock, knock, knock

A loud and stern voice answered after the knocking saying “It is time for the evaluation of the trial, Chosen Draenoy, please follow me.”

Kimarya shook the last traces of her daze away and followed the guard to up a large hill with colossal stones in a formation reminding her of Stonehenge of her previous world except much bigger and more intact.

There were twenty other kids her age or Draenoy’s age standing together while there were five elders on a large rock with a smaller formation of stones with an oddly shaped green stone in the middle.

Everyone around Kimarya was making a large fuss over the person in the middle saying things like “who is he?” and  “why are the elders treating him with such high esteem and respect?” as they noticed how the other elders treated the cloaked man in the middle.

The cloaked figure in the middle who had the appearance of a middle-aged man with green hair poking outside of their cloak and had the largest presence out of all the other elders spoke “Welcome back, Chosen and trial takers of the Honey Badger Earth vein village, I am Shamaner, Nominal Grand Elder. I am here to oversee this ceremony as well as to look for a disciple, hope to be treated well by everyone.”

He continued “Please come one at a time to the Vertuold Augury stone here at the center, place your hand here and it will respond for two things like Ancestral Spirit and latent talent.

It would show a silhouette of your Ancestral Guardian Spirit and stars for your amount of latent talent.

One star means little or no latent talent for cultivation.
Two stars means below average latent talent for cultivation
Three is decent  latent talent for cultivation
Four is average latent talent for cultivation
Five is great  latent talent for cultivation
Six is genius level latent talent for cultivation
Seven is demon level latent talent which only appears once every ten thousand years

There were 54 participants this year, only 10 were chosen and the rest were average villagers who took the test.”

Kimarya looked around but the number of kids around her was still twenty she muttered, “Don’t tell me these are the survivors…?”

Shamaner kept talking “Only 20 have come made it back from our holy zone, seven of them being Chosen. Please start coming forward one at the time although this is only mandatory for the chosen.”

Kimarya saw in Draenoy’s memories that it was a great honor to show your Ancestral Guardian Spirit and latent talent, especially when getting a master/disciple relationship with a high-level Elder.

Kimarya watched people go up one at a time. The first person, a girl, got three stars and a sort of Slug creature with a spiked shell.

The second person had a large snake creature with the head of a wolf and an amazing amount of five stars that drew in some gasps. “It’s a steel wolf-headed snake and they even have five stars!

More and more of them went by till the sixth chosen had a winged three-eyed tiger which drew the most amount of attention till it was shadowed by an amazing 6 stars of a true genius! a few of the elders conversed nodding their heads in excitement and clear approval. Kimarya heard kids around her talking saying “Alastair, he actually has such amazing latent talent in combination with that dreadful three-eyed winged tiger. He will surely be a pillar of the village and clan!”

Kimarya decided to go after him so she wouldn’t bring up that much attention, she walked forward and noticed that everyone had a strange reaction to her, but she just ignored it and walked forward till she was in front of the stone.

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Chapter 6 – Leerum Epsum

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Kimarya laughed while the odd substance around her that made up the giant Sasquatch form swirling around her gently before disappearing.

She turned to the boy that seemed to be coming to reason, she dropped her smile and glaringly asked.

“Who are you and why did you try to share that hyena problem with me?”

The boy still trying to calm down and return his breathing to normal answered “Leerum Epsum.”

“About the Hyena, I couldn’t kill it fast enough so I tried to find a better way to kill it or at least get away till I saw you running and shamefully wanted to use you to help me kill it, especially after all the effort I made in trying to make it into my Ancestral spirit Guardian.”

Kimarya huffed still upset before Leerum continued in a distressed voice “I never would have imagined you had such awful luck to be targeted by a Murder Crow! Not even if I had ten more guts would I dare run to you, even if I knew that you had a Demonic Ape as an Ancestral Spirit Guardian.”

Kimarya heard an indignant snort in her head “How dare he confuse me, this great and magnanimous lord as a pitiful Demonic Ape” grumbled Sasquatch after hearing what Leerum said.

She asked him “What’s a Demonic Ape?”

“It’s a Grade 5 Spirit Beast, its species tend to reproduce fast and are incredibly powerful and annoying due to reaching this level of strength immediately after becoming adults, the only downside is that their potential is abysmal, where the best scenario is only transcending up to a grade 1 creature which is not bad strength, infact its incredible strength, but after reaching a certain level of attainments in cultivation you lose the advantage of its strength and it could even lower your innate potential. Most looking to reach incredible heights of power too quickly tend to pick these as Ancestral Spirit Guardian forms, but lose out in the long ru-.” Leerum lowered his voice and avoided her glance awkwardly after accidentally saying that.

“Ok, I understand.” Responded Kimarya thinking on the response Sasquatch gave, as she was thinking herself lucky and asking in her head, “Sunny, do you have more information on this Spirit Beast grading system?”

**Sunny** Yes I do, the Spirit Beast system is essentially like this:

(First stage)Animal Grade (1,2) —-> (Second stage)Beast Grade (1,2,3,4,5)

The Hyena being a Grade 2 Beast and this Hairy Intruder is a Demonic Ape a Grade 5 Beast.

Kimarya heard a sarcastic tone at the end of Sunny’s assessment before feeling the anger and indignation of Sasquatch before it loudly interjected “You dare call this great sir a Demonic Ape?!? I am an Existence that transcends all of your mortal understanding.”

Sunny coldly interrupted with more information.
(Third stage)Creature Grade (1,2,3,4,5) ——-> (Fourth stage)Broken Existence Grade (1,2,3,4,5)
                                                           -Chaotic Existence
                                                           -Neutral Existence
                                                           -Lawful Existence
(Fifth stage)Mythi-

Leerum looked at the quiet Kimarya who was seemingly in a daze as he was thinking he upset her with his unthinking response before asking, “What’s your name?”

Kimarya ignored the still upset and grumbling Sasquatch and paused Sunny’s prompts as she looked back at Leerum before hesitatingly answering “My name is Draeneoy Stormblood, but please call me Kimarya.”

Leerum was about to continue before he chocked on his next breath and in an unsettled tone quickly asked “That family…So you’re a chosen….wait…You’re that Draeneoy?!? The supreme warrior body and holy daughter of the Stormblood family?!? You can’t be her, she was without a brain, perfect warrior, no soul-”

Leerum again realized he was very rude and also said too much and fell to his knees kowtowing “I’m sorry! I wasn’t thinking, I didn’t want to say that, please administer the desired amount of punishment for my transgression!”

Kimarya felt a headache coming in as she grabbed Leerum as she tried getting to get him to stop kowtowing and to stand but to her great alarm noticed she couldn’t make him budge a single inch. Before finally yelling, “Stop that, I know you didn’t mean it, let’s just get back to the village before another Murder Crow or something comes and really does kill us”

Leerum stiffened after hearing this and got up saying “Thank you Holy daugh-I mean Kimarya.”

Kimarya awkwardly smiled before following Sunny’s instructions to make it back to the village with Leerum in tow, a journey made easier thanks to the increasing light from the rising sun.


After traveling a day and a half before finally bumping into a village guard letting them know the location of the slain Murder Crow and Hyena as Kimarya and Leerum received medical treatment and were lead to their own personal waiting rooms to wait for the conclusion of the trial.

After waiting a few days, she heard knocking on her only to be surprised by an awkward Leerum at her door with an odd bag in his hands.

“I wanted to give you these for saving me as well as compensation for taking the Murder Crow’s core… I’m sure you know how important it is for stabilizing and completing the Ancestral guardian forms,” he said as he handed her the pouch.

He continued saying “This is a spatial pouch, the only one in my family, inside of it is everything usable of the Murder Crow except the core…desperately needed it to finish my Ancestral Spirit guardian form. But without a Murder Crow as an ancestral spirit guardian the core wouldn’t help you, even if you found another one its benefits would be less.. but please know that its flesh is considered a cultivation treasure, it is a creature that has absorbed and amassed an incredible amount of natural energies so it will greatly help in your cultivation. Its feathers could be used as weapons or even a formidable cloak with great defensive strength.”

Kimarya was shocked and held onto the spatial pouch before replying “I’ll give you the pouch back when I’m done with all of it, I can’t accept it, it’s too special to give it away!”

Leerum shook his head before saying “Thank you for your assistance, Hol-Kimarya!” Then he immediately sprinted away.

Kimarya with an amused smile closed the door, after a few days alone she and Sunny digested and comprehended more and more of Draeneoy’s knowledge and had a more complete understanding of this world and cultivation that is so important to everyone.

They learned that cultivation is the sacred process of power that improves health, increases longevity, the path to power! This is done through the cultivation and comprehension of natural ambient energies known as qi as you advance on your own path in building your Dao.

The Dao is the path in your heart, your set of principles, your hopes, your goals, your emotions and everything that makes up who you are, there are no wrong paths in the advancement of your Dao. This is what makes up the base and foundation of your cultivation, the comprehension of your Dao must grow with your cultivation and comprehension of the natural laws else you risk Qi deviation. A correct balance of these two plus your innate talents determine how fast you can have cultivation breakthroughs.

When finding out someone attainment, better known as cultivation base there are distinct impressions given by one’s aura.

The cultivation levels she was aware of so far are as follows:

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Chapter 5 – Rocks, rocks, rocks

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Kimarya interrupted “That as pretty lame, now I definitely know you’re harmless and not Satan. Where is the Murder Crow and that other kid? Are you really a Sasquatch? Why are you in my head? What did you escape and why with me?” Asked the agitated but no longer scared Kimarya.

It questioningly asked “Lame? I thought it would be cute, anyways. You were really about to get shredded by that nasty bird, but I took you into this separate space outside of the hold of time so for a short while you are safe till I let you back out, safe enough to dare call this great sir lame! Relax as I explain some things to you, before dealing with that interesting bird.”

It continued “I am Sasquatch, there’s only ever been one, me! Why aren’t you more excited or even scared after finding out this noble one’s glorious identity?”

Kimarya responded in a frustrated voice “I’ve literally been chased by a 13 or something foot tall evil bird, I don’t have the ability to be any more scared right now!”

Her eyes suddenly gleamed with passion for a second as she quickly added  “Also, in the stories and myths they have always mentioned a giant and massive zone spanning the US, Canada and even in the east around Tibet of sightings, many reports have even come in at similar times across the world, so unless you can be in multiple places at the same time, there are more Sasquatches!”

Sasquatch responded cheerfully and with an arrogant tone saying “Great point, kid. I’ll explain that part later, but currently, you and I don’t have any more time to talk, but the short explanation is that I used your soul and Sunny’s bizarre existence to escape your world scape with some crude knitting to hide my grand and majestic existence from its pitiful awareness.”

Everything went dark.

Kimarya suddenly heard a popping noise snapping her to attention, she was back in her body, furthermore she saw a massive claw opening up in a grabbing motion only a few feet from her right shoulder. It was from a distance that would be impossible to dodge, a space that could be traversed in only a second.

She was sure that if it connects it will crumble her shoulder like flimsy paper.

But she was strangely calm. When suddenly some gaseous substance started swirling around her incredibly fast, much faster than the claws of the Crow, this substance that formed into a massive humanoid figure with Kimarya hovering in its middle.

It’s long and burly arms masterfully grabbing onto the Murder Crow’s claw before its other arm pulling back, its just formed muscles under its skin tensing up like steel cables full of power before bringing a ferocious fist strike at the Murder Crow.

It was a strike that was too close and too sudden for the alarmed crow to successfully dodge before it was hit dead on its chest before immediately rocketing backwards smashing through two trees before finally stopping.

Kimarya breathed out a sigh of relief believing that fierce strike killed the Crow, but it quickly stood back up in an unstable fashion, an intense anger in its piercing eyes after being wounded in surprise by its prey. It jumped almost 10 feet into the air, its wings spreading before crashing down. One of its wings was bent at an awful angle. Its eyes fiercely glinted as its fury reached a new peak before it hopped forward in an intimidating form crossing almost a distance of three meters in a single bound.

It raised up its one good wing and madly waved it in front of it, till dozens of its fearsome feathers were unleashed, making its previous attacks seem like child’s play. The air was right away filled with an awful rain of whistling noises as the dozens of feathers flew like long and darkly glinting projectiles at Kimarya.

Who in her giant humanoid form picked up the kid behind her and narrowly dodged most of the feather projectiles. Most of them. Kimarya noticed that one penetrated through the area right in front of her face just nearly taking her eye out!

Her giant humanoid form straightened up with fierce domineering airs, the razor-sharp feathers were expulsed from all the areas they punctured. Its long arm reached down to the ground and grasped the very air as if grabbing a rock or an object, the Murder Crow noticed as well as its eyes grew vicious and alert but it saw that there were no rocks or objects underneath the fingers. It’s fierce eyes narrowed as if indignant at this prey making a fool of it as it opened its vicious beak and unleashed its most terrifying call yet, more human voices rose from the background, each more pitiful than the last all forming a web that tried to push her consciousness into a cage of madness.

As the call sounded out all the shadows grew longer, they stretched towards Kimarya. Weird motes of light started appearing for split seconds, she could almost make out an aggrieved face whenever she got a clear look at one of them.

As the dreadful cacophony sounded out, a dreadful flame started to coalesce in front of its opened maw, it pointed it right at her. She started feeling a strong sense of crisis from this flame, as she felt this the hand that was gripping the air pulled back as if ready to throw a large rock. The crow continued to glare, apparently still furious and not falling for the trick that was being played on it.

The giant humanoid body in its full 13 feet tall got into a stance as if to throw something, before suddenly making the pitching pose.
Kimarya couldn’t help feeling embarrassed, darkly muttering to her self “What the hell is Sasquatch doing at a time like” She didn’t finish talking as surprise pushed all thoughts out of her head as the giant humanoid pitched the air, the whole body felt as if a large weight was displaced.

“Wait, did it actually throw something, I didn’t see a rock?”

The air started screaming as a blurry shape was flying at the crow whose eyes opened wide and used its good wing to smack at the object….that amazingly fully appeared at impact as a very large greyish rock!


The Murder Crow’s body shuddered in clear pain at the heavy impact and noise sounded out from the rock hitting its strong muscles on its wings as well as making it step back to regain its balance.

Kimarya in the gigantic humanoid didn’t want to be an observer anymore as she tried to gain control, she found resistance that only after the littlest of a moment let her take control.

“I have an idea, let’s do the rock thing again, but multiple times, how do I do it?”

Sasquatch’s voice answered, “For now you can’t, but I can get around that, just say ‘rock’ and grip down near the ground where I can gather the earth element to make it, then lift it up and throw it.”

“Got it!” Kimarya leaned down grasping at the air before muttering rock, suddenly she felt something like a mass of very dense water slowly swirling around and between her fingers. She gripped it and its still translucent form turned hard and heavier by the second as she raised it over her head; the giant hairy humanoid moving per Kimarya’s will into a throwing motion before letting loose fiercely and the large rock twice the size of her head shot out like an invisible cannonball right at the amalgamation of all the emotions of terror, anger, and anguish condensed into a vicious flame that was almost ready to be shot out. Every second it grew, the stronger the feeling of deadly crisis grew within Kimarya’s heart, this was her target!

She hoped that she could interfere with the crow’s life-threatening attack, but very soon it was made clear that it wouldn’t be easy as the rock volleying at her target was smashed away by the crow’s good wing.

**Sunny** You have to stop its attack before it fires it, else its very unlikely we would be able to dodge or defend from it.

“Knew that wasn’t going to work, let’s try this instead!” yelled Kimarya.

The giant humanoid sasquatch reached down, grasped at the air and pulled back in an extremely domineering fashion before fiercely throwing forward!

The murder Crow was prepared and swung out its wing at the time frame it calculated for it to successfully block this attack just like with the previous projectiles but hit nothing. It’s eyes opening wide before turning into slits as it realized it was deceived.

Its attack started getting completed faster than before, its call more disturbing. The strange boy was rolling around in the midst of a heavy panic attack, unable to even gather enough sense to run away.

Kimarya’s form reached down low once more and grasped air before suddenly throwing again, before immediately bending down to grasp the air and whispering rock. The earth elementals danced and converged into her palm as she pulled back into the pitching pose and just a moment after her fake throw threw the real projectile attack!

The Murder Crow heard the air screaming and knew it was the real deal this time and swung its wing forward, hitting nothing but air! It grew panicked and tried to block its front again, even with its broken wing but was a step too late as the rock smashed against the amalgamation in front of its beak!

The rock exploded against the flaw and the whole construct grew unstable, the Murder Crow stopped its cacophony attack in its attempt to fully focus on stopping it’s out of control fire attack, but Kimarya wouldn’t give it the chance as she took a long step forward, reached down low to the ground and actually picked up an actual rock before  spiritedly yelling “Rock!”.

Maybe it was the urgency in her voice or something but the elemental earth energies rushed towards her hand and in her palm was a rock half the size of her head, the energy coalesced into the rock as it blinked between visible and not before growing dark like a shadow.

All of this happened in barely a moment after her last attack landed, and not even 5 seconds passed before she rose, pulled her arm back, gave an embarrassed smile as she pulled into a pitcher’s pose in honor of Sasquatch and threw this attack with all of her might.

The attack made no noise, the Murder Crow saw all of this and felt grave danger from this attack before giving up on reigning in its attack and in its last-ditch effort prematurely unleashed it. The evil flame flew in an astounding speed while instantly growing twice its size without any hint of stopping its mad growth before Kimarya’s attack punctured right through its middle where it started collapsing within itself right away.

Kimarya’s attack without losing any momentum after puncturing through the Crow’s attack homed in on the crow who unfurled both its broken and healthy wing and used them to block in front of its head and chest before the attack went straight through both wings and even its chest continuing right through its heart!

**Sunny** Success, you did it, Kimarya! That hairy creature too…

Kimarya laughed while the odd substance around her that made up the giant Sasquatch form swirling around her gently before disappearing.

She turned to the boy that seemed to be coming to reason, she dropped her smile and glaringly asked.

“Who are you and why did you try to share that hyena problem with me?”

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Snake in my pants… not really

So on Saturday I was at a two day conference and as we all left to get pizza I felt something quickly climbing up my leg inside my pants.

I rightfully bugged the fuck out and was inches away from furiously taking my pants off in front of everyone (I even had my zebra print boxers on, don’t judge me), but luckily reason and intense need of stopping it from reaching my crotch prevailed in that fight of instincts.

I tightened my pants so it couldn’t go forward anymore and with my other hand in panic tried to crush whatever creature it was, while my brain screamed snake in my fucking pants.

Well, it turned out it WAS a cute lizard, wished I didn’t kill it, but I also wish nothing ever scurries up my pants again.

Chapter 4 – Why must Sasquatch be this lame?

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“I’m going to make it!”

**Sunny** It’s too easy! Think of a better way, fast!

Kimarya stopped suddenly, just then she heard whistling noises and saw the sharp two foot long black objects impale the ground where she would have been if she didn’t stop right then there. She immediately felt a cold sensation on the back of her neck all the way down to her spine before diving behind the nearest tree on her right and again hearing the whistling quickly followed by the sound of the tree on her back being stabbed into by the dark objects.

She got up and dashed between and around trees as she made a slightly longer but safer route full of obstacles for the flying beast, she was within 5 meters and the dark and sharp objects kept coming closer and closer to their mark.

Four meters away from the gorge before it nicked her left thigh causing a stinging gash that wasn’t particularly deep or able to slow her down yet, but it just the same started bubbling out scarlet blood. She considered stopping and faking moves but she felt that it would just land on top of her and begin to feed. 

So she just lowered her head and ran even faster and at the very least not going in a straight line.

She got within 2 meters of the gorge before she noticed the ranged attacks were more and more infrequent till they stopped, but by that time she had over 10 cuts all over her body, some small, others not too small followed by the scent of blood.

Just then, she heard the Murder Crow’s horrifying call above her. Her head grew fuzzy and heavy as fear and panic started building up right away, it felt like she was running through water as the pressure built upon her head, every moment becoming heavier and heavier till she felt her knees were unable to bear the weight.

She heard Sunny’s voice yelling something to her but it felt so distant and far away that she couldn’t understand. She could only look up as she saw the Murder Crow hovering, its massive wingspan as it took its time to land. Its piercingly blue eyes focusing and looking into hers. She felt such pressure outside of her as well as a pressure within from the fear, terror and a panic that waited for the first vicious peck to finally come bursting out in a dreadful scream of pure and absolute fear originating from both her and Sunny.

She saw some movement in her peripheral vision before a body suddenly tackled her hard into the ground. She fully expected to hear and feel the tearing of her flesh but saw it was a young boy, seemed to be 13 years old. He had long black hair with patches of brown in random places, no facial hair, earing on the top part of his left ear, he seemed to be in panic yet with alert and weary eyes as he glanced at Kimarya and looked back at a gigantic Hyena thundering out of the brush who immediately raised its head.

It was roughly 6 feet tall when it had its head raised and with a body more than 10 feet long. It advanced at a slow pace making very threatening low growling sounds, that astoundingly they could even feel that low-frequency sound reverberating through their body and organs followed by fierce grunting at its prey and the newfound presence next to it, the hyena had several nasty cuts on its front legs and sides but it still powerfully stalked closer to its prey.

It continued to do so before its low growl suddenly became shrill whining as it realized the Murder Crow hovering unfazed in the sky, its eyes widened before it immediately turned tail and almost disappearing back into the brush. It was almost gone before a massive body crashed on top of it, you could hear its muffled and yelping scream as its head was forcefully pushed into the ground by the massive force before the Murder Crow’s beak came slamming down like an evil meteor into its neck.

Its scream intensified for a short second before it abruptly stopped, the Murder Crow turned around quickly waving its massive wing where six two foot long black glinting feathers were thrown at the two of them. Their inexperience made them so they weren’t even capable of escaping while the crow butchered the gigantic Hyena, much less capable of blocking or dodging this fearsome attack. 

The boy stepped forward, knowing fully well that he didn’t have the ability to dodge he had a serious expression, the wind pushed out from him as a massive shape started to form around him, a fearsome snout materialized first then two burly front paws that swiped at the feathers. 

It blocked four of them before the remaining two pierced deeply in the not yet fully formed body with shining yellow eyes, amazingly it was just like the Hyena!

The remaining two crushed through the hyena form making him fall backward and blood lightly escaping from his mouth and nose from the backlash of the defeat of his…. Ancestral Spirit Guardian form!

Apparently, it was after the Hyena’s death that he overcame the partial conquering of its essence and could materialize its form as his very own Ancestral Spirit Guardian.

The Murder Crow was already in the air once more as it rapidly closed in on its now two new meals and additions to its cacophony of death.

He got up, took something out of his pouch and with a ferocious expression as he swallowed it, the wind around him picked up much stronger than before as he made several rushed hand signs. 

He was trying to do another forceful Ancestral Guardian spirit!

A booming sound came from his body, and the crow’s eyes dimmed and….merely stopped for a second!

The boy’s face immediately showed his alarm, panic, and disappointment. Knowing that it should have stunned it for a minute, enough to attack it like he did to the Bestial Hyena. His original strategy was to use his second pill to take more of its essence and finish it off before he saw the escaping Kimarya and tried to drag his troubles to her and get her help.

Unfortunately, he didn’t see that she was being hunted, not only that but it was a  freaking Murder Crow! Although it’s young, if he knew he would have ran the other way and taken his chances with the Hyena, at least then he’d have a chance of winning!

Everyone knows that its certain death if you encounter the Murder Crow, its intelligence and strength makes it into something you essentially can’t make into an Ancestral Guardian Spirit.

He muttered “What awful luck!” before the Crow was almost upon them. 

Kimarya finally escaped completely out of the lull of its true attack that incapacitated its prey. She knew that the gorge that might be her only chance, an unlikely ticket to save herself was just a meter behind her, she could jump in as the Murder Crow took down that kid in front of her. Her fist clenched before she ran forward when suddenly she felt some incredible pressure in build in her head. Is the crow using making its call of death? It can’t be, its beak is closed! She released a dreadful scream that was followed by a brilliant light.

She blacked out, all she could see was darkness till she heard a gruff voice, as if unused to speech. 

“Good Job kid, you actually got this far before this great one had to save you, huhuhuhu.

Kimarya knew it was in her head and in shock replied: “Who the hell are you?!?”

**Sunny** Detected foreign entity
Initiating all expulsive and offensive measures.

Kimarya hears Sunny scream, it was the first time she heard her scream. She felt a terrible buzzing in her head and was petrified with terror at the understanding that whatever is in her head completely overwhelmed Sunny, her powerful Subconscious.

The voice sounded out again, “Don’t worry, huhuhuhu, I’m the good guy, call me… Satan…..”.

“Just kidding, everything is perfectly fine, Sunny is fine, just wanted to make a cool introduction. Isn’t that right Sunny?” 

**Sunny** All systems are unchanged, we’re fine, but we have a putrid and uninvited guest in your head Kimarya…. it’s unacceptable!

Kimarya could hear the indignation in Sunny’s voice, especially as she ignored and didn’t respond to it and only cleared the situation up.

**Sunny** It for some unknown reason has as much authority in this body as we do Kimarya, it’s certainly not Draeneoy.

Foreign entity, leave immediately!

“Can’t do that, Bub. The only reason you even reincarnated together is because of me, so let’s calm down.”

“First of all, I’m not Satan, I am known as Sasquatch or bigfoot. I did it because I could tell you were a big fan, you were dying and other reasons… but yeah I chose you, Pikachu, to make my escape, huhuhuhu.”

Kimarya interrupted “That as pretty lame, now I definitely know you’re harmless and not Satan. Where is the Murder Crow and that other kid? Are you really a Sasquatch? Why are you in my head? What did you escape and why with me?” Asked the agitated but no longer scared Kimarya.

It questioningly asked “Lame? I thought it would be cute, anyways. You are both really about to get shredded by that nasty bird, but I took you into this separate space outside of the hold of time so for a short while you safe, safe enough to dare call this great sir lame! Relax as I explain some things to you, before dealing with that interesting bird.”

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Chapter 3 – Murder Crow

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**Sunny** Kimarya wake up right now!!!

Kimarya woke up to her body slamming down onto a branch and heard a crash immediately followed by a loud cracking sound right above her.

She awoke dazed and in shock, she felt such a terrible presence with an intense killing intent that made her body shiver.

But her body kept moving on its own, Sunny had control and was escaping something that was in the air by diving down to lower branches. She felt highly disturbed by this feeling and easily got control again, but because of that she missed a branch and kept tumbling down.

She looked up and saw that branch that she missed getting impaled my six black two foot long objects and realized she almost got nailed to that tree as an easy meal for whatever is chasing her.

Kimarya shouted in her mind, “Sunny, what’s chasing me?!?!”

**Sunny** JUMP NOW!

Her body took control, it wasn’t her nor was it Sunny, but she crouched and sprang like a cannonball right between two thick branches into the empty abyss.

Immediately after she heard a thunderous cracking and sensed a large body crash with great momentum onto the branches that she dived through, something that was only just barely slower than her forceful dive downwards into empty air.

Adrenaline pumping through her whole body slowed time as she looked back as she fell down through the air. In her quick glance she saw a monstrous black bird with a vicious looking beak and glowing blue eyes, the sharpest shade of blue you could find in the crevices cut by melting water flow cutting through ancient glaciers, something of such grand beauty yet piercingly cold and emotionless.

This was a hunter, yet not a hunter, this was a strikingly intelligent and brutal creature that had no care if its meal wasn’t breathing or still labored to do so as it fed.

Kimarya had the sinking impression that it was often the latter.

Her panicked mind and memories of this body told her this was…. a Murder Crow!

It opened its maw and a terrifying cacophony of sounds that Kimarya has never heard was unleashed, that seemingly didn’t seem possible to come from a living creature. She had the impression that it sounded like the death throes of dozens of people, hundreds of creatures, even the thunderous cracking of a tree as it collapsed under its own weight could be heard within it. All of those cries were really in the background of its true call that, if the rest made your goosebumps and hair raise from the message of fatality within it, this was the straw that broke the camels back, that let you know ‘I am the reaper that caused all of these noises, and you’ll be the next one to join in my orchestra of death’.

She didn’t notice or she couldn’t notice the nearby tree quickly coming into reach, but her body did and grabbed on forcefully, her momentum strong enough to leave her palms without any more external skin.

Kimarya didn’t feel any of that.

All she could focus on was the call, as it finally made her mind buckle, the innocence of Draeneoy and the past life of Kimarya where her biggest danger was the smog of her city, nearly being hit by a car a few times or the many fights she had as a troubled teenager.

This was too much for her as a full-blown panic attack was building up where she’d let go of the branch and surely be the next cry in the crows note, or maybe panicked and maniacal laughter that she heard in between the majority controlled screams and cries.


Electricity ran through her nerves again, tightening her grip to the branch as she instantly pulled her self up and kicked off before the branch she was on was shredded by the fearsome talons of the Murder Crow.

She felt small stabbing pains on her back as the splinters reached her. Her full blown panic attack was swallowed up by the boiling adrenaline flooding through her veins as she masterfully glided between branches heading deeper into the tree where branches grew thicker and more densely packed together.

She crouched as she slid between four massive branches each as thick as her when she looked back again and saw the Murder Crow angrily Caw at her before fiercely grabbing the branch with its vicious beak pulling on it before violently crunching right through it.

It continued for every step it would violently grab, jerk its head and the loud crunching of the branch could be heard as it got closer to her.

Kimarya noticed the space between the thick branches getting smaller and smaller so she immediately decided to ditch before she eventually and foolishly got stuck in the branch for an easy meal.

She screamed in her mind “Sunny what do I do, where do I go?” Before jumping and diving to a tree nearby.

The Murder Crow’s eyes glinted with intelligence, its fake outrage didn’t trick its little snack into trapping itself like other less interesting meals. It silently jumped into the air once more to continue its chase.

Kimarya swung through branches, kicking off at random times most of the time for no reason and not hearing the resounding crash of the Murder Crow who struck less frequently.

For some reason, this didn’t make her feel any better as she tried to increase the randomness and directions as Sunny scanned through the paths she went through looking for an escape route.

**Sunny** Kimarya! Right over there, there’s a gorge between those trees that might be a path the water takes during a storm rush as it cut through the land!

Kimarya made sure not to make a direct beeline towards the gorge, she had the sinking feeling the Murder Crow wasn’t as simple as it appears.

She kicked off a branch, before feeling the intense pressure in her heart warning her of intense danger. It decided to attack as she was in mid-air! She heard snapping branches above her as she realized this and swung her arms and roughly caught onto a branch that stopped her mad dive forward, this tactic was not without its consequences, she felt like she nearly popped both arms out of her shoulders before a millisecond later a massive shape crashing through the area she would be at if she continued her dive.

Her heart beat extremely loud as if she just saw her death before she dropped down and madly rushed towards the Gorge.

“I’m going to make it!”


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